Smart Underwriting – SilverBridge

SilverBridge offers Life Insurers the opportunity to re-imagine their underwriting process with intelligent automation.

The Business Challenges


The Solution


The Smart Underwriting solution provides insurers with the intelligent automation of the insurance underwriting process by securely integrating the relevant internal and external data used for underwriting and enabling automated decisions.

It is a cost-effective and scalable platform that allows for:

How it works


The below illustrates the automation process, highlighting the automated processes. Improve the speed, quality, and cost of gathering patient-centric data and enable a digital underwriting model. Combined with the SilverBridge AI and automation expertise, insurers can garner real-time insights from multiple experts such as underwriters, compliance and legal and effortlessly apply those views to all new applications or changes to the existing cover.

silverimage Real-time insurance underwriting
silverimage Straight-through processing (STP)
silverimage Multiple sets of internal and external data can be used simultaneously in decision-making
silverimage Records and stores consumer consent - Data Privacy Regulations
silverimage Manages a plurality of integrated data sources, whilst ensuring stability and security of all data exchanged
silverimage Real-time insight from multiple experts within the business (underwriter, compliance, legal etc.) can be applied to all new applications
silverimage Exposes outward facing APIs for data distribution and Health Score dissemination
silverimage Flexibility to add different data sources and connection to new business workflows and administration systems
silverimage Integration with existing in-house underwriting models
silverimage Significantly lowers the cost of underwriting a policy - up to an 80% savings in cost per decision
silverimage Enhanced customer experience
silverimage Reduces claims decision making to seconds from the hours required with manual processing and verification
silverimage Improved responsiveness within the underwriting process
silverimage Eliminates human-error, improving the quality and consistency of underwriting decisions
silverimage Commercial, business risk, and ethics are considered in all underwriting decisions
silverimage Reduced risk
silverimage Allows pricing teams to design, test and validate underwriting

Check out the video on our Smart Underwriting Solution