The Client Detail screen

As probably 101 things can be done on the ‘Client Detail’ screen, all the options and tools on the toolbar may be overwhelming. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what we can do and how to work with the ‘Client Detail’ screen on Exergy…

First open Exergy, if it is not open already. Then search for the client or if the client does not exist, capture the client detail first. The ‘Client Details’ screen looks like the following:


This screen consists of six different tabs, namely:

  • Basic tab – here you add the basic client detail, such as date of birth, gender, home language, etc.
  • Extended tab – here you add extra information that is not crucial, such as height, weight, smoking habits, etc.
  • Identification tab – here you add a unique identifier for a client, such as an ID number, passport number, etc. This unique identifier is crucial to add as many people have the same names and we need something with which we can uniquely identify a client on the database.
  • Route tab – here you can view the route along which a workitem travels. A workitem can be any item that has to move from one person/department to the next until it is completed.
  • Questions – here you an capture the client’s answers to specific questions asked by your company. The questions are set up according to your company’s specific needs.
  • Marketing Information – here you can specify whether the client would like to receive marketing material and in which format he/she would like to receive it.


On the left-hand side below the toolbar, the client’s name is displayed. Below the client’s name may or may not be a tree structure with additional client details. For every additional client detail that is captured, a branch is displayed. In the example above, we see the following branches:

  • Addresses – this means an address was captured for the client and you can double-click on this branch to open and view the address.
  • Bank Accounts – this means that bank account information was captured for the client and you can double-click on this branch to open and view the bank account details.

Below the File menu a long toolbar with many different tools is displayed. Hover your mouse pointer over the tools and you will see descriptions that will help you understand for what the tool is used, namely capturing additional client detail that will be displayed as a branch on the client’s tree structure (as explained above). You can either use these tools or the ‘Client’ menu to add the additional client details.

I hope this made working with the ‘Client Details’ screen much easier and helps you understand why there are so many elements on this screen. Remember, the more information we have on a client, the better we can serve him/her and the happier our clients will be! 🙂