Pending and un-pending workitems

Not sure what to do when you cannot capture everything you need to capture on a policy or claim, because you are either waiting for more information or on a response from a colleague / client / supervisor? Well, you can pend a workitem. Read more about it here.


You will find the ‘WorkItems’ section on the Exergy main window. You will see a list of workitems. Click here for more information on workitems.

  • To put a work item into pending status, right-click on the work item and select ‘Pend Workitem‘ from the short cut menu that is displayed. Select the number of working days or the day until you want the workitem to be pended. .
  • The workitem status is now ‘pending’ and will not be escalated
  • Right-click on a pending work item and select ‘Un-pend Workitem‘ to un-pend it.