Digital Insurance Solutions – SilverBridge


At SilverBridge we have dedicated our time and energy to creating a suite of solutions that assist insurance organisations to modernise their core systems and streamline its processes through digitalisation.


Our innovative group of digital solutions we offer focus on 5 key areas essential in all insurance businesses




Offer existing customers world-class service by improving the customer experience through digital engagement.



Assist insurers to sell more policies through digitalisation in the onboarding process.



Operate your business more efficiently through digital process automation.


Risk and Compliance

Adopt a dynamic technology-enabled approach to risk and compliance.



Offer your existing customers world-class service and experiences with our automated systems and digital processes.

Our Digital Insurance Suite


We offer digital solutions in South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius and 13 other African countries. We have served more than 60 financial services and banking enterprises and all of these business partners have benefitted from our highly experienced and skilled team in the insurance technology solution space. Our cloud solutions ensure that we enable our clients embrance technologies and position its business for digital world.

Policy Administration

Our cloud-based policy administration solution, Exergy, helps insurers modernise its core insurance systems. Through this enterprise-level solution, we offer FSP’s a single enhanced platform through which to manage and administer all their Life Cover, Group Cover Schemes, EB and Pension claims and processing.

This fully digital web-based solution allows the business to function from one location, while scaling to suit the current needs of the business, streamlining processes, offering customised reporting and an environment that allows for the creation of new products without crippling costs.

Intermediary Portal

Empower your intermediaries to work remotely and offer a digitally enhanced customer experience. Our solution enables the intermediary channel to digitally onboard new customers and proactively manage customer retentions. The risk of NTU (Not Taken Up) is reduced through quicker acceptance of new business and data quality is improved through upfront validation.

The onboarding is made more efficient through reduction in data capture and the elimination of paper based, manual processes. Intermediaries are also enabled to proactively manage lapses and maturities improving customer retentions.

FAIS Compliance

SilverBridge takes FAIS compliance into the new century with the cloud-based fully digital FAISapp. This innovative system allows FSP’s to easily manage all their Fit and Proper compliance and documentation through a central digital hub.

FAISapp is the smart way to reduce paperwork, manual record-keeping, manage customer complaints, access in-depth audits and limit bottlenecks in your business while reducing costs and still adhering to the requirements of BN194 of 2017.

Data Solutions

Replace biased decision making and intuition driven processes with our Data Analytic suite. Our data tools offer always online access, real-time reporting, dynamic visual reporting covering multiple data sources and secure high-speed data warehousing.

With our analytics at your fingertips, you will be able to increase accurate planning and forecasting, gain deeper more useful insights into each unit of your business and ultimately be empowered to make proactive decisions to safeguard the future growth of your business.