Awesome Projects – Silverbridge

SilverBridge Holdings launched Awesome Projects in 2015 to give employees a creative outlet for all their ideas. These would be harnessed into products that could potentially be sold to customers. But it has become so much more than that. Today, Awesome Projects has been integrated into the DNA of the company culture and has enabled it to revolutionise the market with products that push the envelope across all facets of the financial services industry.

You get to build anything!


Throughout the years, SilverBridge has seen how its people have used this initiative to continually innovate and think outside the box. Using Awesome Projects as a foundation, SilverBridge ensures that it continues to lead the charge in the financial services industry with a customer-first, solutions-driven culture within the organisation.

Plans are already well in motion for the 2020 iteration of Awesome Projects. Throughout the years, SilverBridge has seen how its people have grown with this competition to not only exceed the company’s expectations but their own as well. With Awesome Projects, the organisation is ensuring it remains innovative, harnessing the creativity of its employees, and delivering customer value in the best possible ways.