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Artificial Intelligence for the Financial Services Industry

TOM is a propriety Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that virtualises and scales human intelligence through the replication of human expert decision making into Virtual Experts. TOM learns from people not data and allows business users to develop Virtual Experts through a simple and intuitive interface.

We can now help companies in the financial services industry become proactive in their ability to make real-time decisions regarding risks and opportunities based on high volume transactional or client information in their businesses.

With TOM, you can:

Imagine being able to deploy virtual versions of the best decision makers anywhere, anytime.

Know your customer (KYC), particular if they engage through online

Screen your customer against your FICA risk profile.

Monitor transactions against your FICA risk profile.

Screen your customers against the sanction (UN 1267) and PEP lists.

Analyse your underwriting and credit risk when you onboard new customers.

Filter false transactions and claims easily.

Screen customers that are prone to switching.

Monitor transactions and claims to detect fraud.

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  • Replicate a human expert decision making process through AI technology
  • Consistently anticipates the expert's decisions
  • Clear thousands of alerts in hours
  • Easily build multiple virtual experts in your instance of TOM
  • Identify transactions presenting opportunities such as cross-sell or upsell, customer migration and/or retention of customers
  • Screen customers and transactions to identify potential risks
  • Enables efficient decision-making regarding fraud, risks and opportunities


  • AI algorithms in TOM can be created in a week where as the data driven approach is lengthy
  • Exponential improvement in efficiency and accuracy
  • Accelerate the completion of honest customers transactions
  • Error-prone manual processes are eliminated
  • Keep up with the changing environment through the development of new virtual expert models
  • Use TOM on an experimental basis to quickly demonstrate ROI of an AI project
  • Compliance and business risks can be managed efficiently and accurately
  • Speedy decisions ensuring an enhanced customer experience

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